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Tom Yum Pork Spare Ribs 🌶️

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Let's cook a world famous Thai soup with your kids!

Tom Yum Pork Spare Ribs

Tom Yum is one of the most favourite Thai dish among foreigners, also, without chilli, it's one of the most requested among my 2 kids. And you know what, it's super easy to cook. So ask your children to help you, this can be a fun activity that they can experimentally learn a lot.

The main ingredients we need are only pork spare ribs and a set of Tom Yam spices; lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, lime, (and chilli🌶️) which you can easy find at a supermarket. If you can't eat pork🐷, chicken🐔 or any seafood🐟 are fine with the same recipe. Fish sauce at the end will add the good scent or you can use salt instead. Tom Yam with those spices also has medical advantage to relieve cold in rainy☔ and winter❄️ seasons.

Letting kids help cooking is giving them a chance to explore kind of science, how to cook meat in various ways and what the different results are happening to meat. They can notice and test taste, color, touch, scent that change and naturally teach them about all substances around the kitchen. Even though I'm not a kind of chef, I always try to cook in order to maintain good health for everyone in our family and importantly, to let kids experience the cooking world and know this survival basic skill. While we are making this soup, my kids like to squeeze lime which need their fingers' strength, then they lick their fingers for the sour taste, also my son loves the scent of lemongrass while my daughter tests the taste and can compare it to Tom Yum at her school lunch. (Normally, she says school lunch tastes better than mine, lol, but for this soup, she confirms the same taste.🤗)

Here we go in short VDO clip. Let's try and share us yours!

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