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Tips to Discovery Thailand

Discovery Thailand is the largest Thai travel fair offering good price voucher from hotels, resorts, rental cars, indoor playgrounds, etc. all over Thailand that parents can find a trip.

photo: thaiiteawthaiplaza

However, I have my own frustrated experiences from two hotels I bought vouchers with from this fair. First, the price is not that good. Just 2 days after the fair, you can get cheaper rate from hotel's facebook page. Next, voucher cannot be easily used. The online booking system keeps saying that 'room is unavailable' on every Saturday for the whole 9 months voucher period!!! 😌 Until I complain to the marketing team on call, he can reserve me a room. It seems they sell vouchers to have guests on weekdays. But pls.indicate this condition in the voucher, so I won't buy it!!!

Well, if you don't want to be upset like me, there're some tips for shopping around in this travel event;

🎯 Choose the destination and check the price from Agoda first. You should get the lower rate from the fair. Beware of the much cheaper voucher, it smells not good.

🎯 Check the voucher condition carefully; the optimal time to reserve a room in advance, the expired date, weekend applied? etc. Otherwise, set your dates first and then buy the matched voucher.

BTW, saving your time, you can search for the expected hotel booth before you go at or Line@thaiteawthai

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