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Yu Fire : Treatment after Baby Delivery

Watpo massage is well-known among health tourists and it reminds me of the treatment after baby delivery (called 'Yu Fire' in Thai) I used to have. I will tell you in case you like to know about this.

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I did it at the hospital for the first delivery, after 2 days natural birth (a month after if C section) but the second birth, I had it at home with Watpo therapist. 'Yu Fire' treatment is believed to help blood circulation, drain lochia, and shape uterus. Even though there's no medical evidence and some warn about bleeding after birth, Thai women have followed this health ritual for ages. My suggestion is choosing the certified therapist.

This kind of treatment will repeat everyday procedure for at least 3-5 days and about 3 hrs.a day. The therapist starts with herbal massage, Tub Moa Gluea (putting a salt pot on our cellulite belly 😅), shaping hip, herbal steam and sitting over the heated charcoal with herbs. I'm not sure if my uterus is back to shape as I can't see it but I feel so relaxed with aroma, also the body pain from 40 weeks pregnancy and giving birth is well reduced 😇. No worry about a newborn, the therapist will let you breastfeed your baby anytime you want. For the price, I paid around 11xxx bht for 5 days treatment at home (transportation cost included)

If you're interested in the treatment by Watpo at your place, +66 8 4033 6003 or fb:chetawanwatpo

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