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Singha Park in Chiang Rai

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

If Chiang Rai is one of your dream destination in Thailand, Singha Park for a day can be worth the precious schedule of your family trip.

#SinghaPark belongs to #BoonRawd Brewery group who produces many beverages such as drinking water and beer under brand name 'Singha'. Singha Park or Boon Rawd Farm is very closed to #WatRongKhun, better known as 'The White Temple'. That's why you can arrange your trip to visit the temple before or after your Singha Park time for another couple hours as well.

Singha Park is destined to be an agro-tourism destination focusing on the development of sustainable tourism in Chiang Rai, situated 450m above sea level and spans over 12.8km2 of fertile land. They provide a large variety of fun activities and numerous beautiful sceneries for the most memorable photos. And all of those can be reached by hopping on/off a #farmtour bus (adult 100 THB/ child 50 THB) or a golf cart for the max 5 persons (1500 THB) with a guide and flexible time within 2 hours if you like to spend as much time as you want at some recreational spots in the park.

Our guide only took us through the half space of this enormous Singha Park. When we reached the lake, kids hopped off to feed fish 🐟. At the hills of tea plantation, kids could collect tea leaves🌱 as a hill tribe with a hat and a basket. Before we visited the zoo, we had stopped by a mini cafe using the farm ingredients in all menu of coffee☕ , tea 🍵, soft serve ice cream 🍦 in thai tea and green tea tastes, all is delightful including very juicy piece of melon 🍈. Then we continued to the mini zoo, watusi cattle with long horns were separated from those giraffes and zebras which kids could feed with grass and banana sold at the shop.

The last recreational spot of Singha Park farm tour is the adventure zone. My kids loved this station the most as they could play a zip line (300 THB each, kid below 100 cm.tall is free) and ride a balloon (5 min at 450 THB each). For zip line, here is the best in Thailand I think as it's real high and long distance. There is no age limit of participant but restricted weight at least 40 not over 95 kgs. Happy for my kids whose weight are less than 40 kgs. that they can play when they must be accompanied by a parent and all together is not over 95 kgs. However, sad for myself who is a bit afraid of height and must share two kids with my hubby. And I've got the younger bro to hang on a zip line with 😅.

For a balloon ride, we went there during New Year holidays. We could fly only 5 minutes as it was not their balloon period. Normally, they annually host Singha Park Chiang Rai International #Balloon Fiesta during Valentine's week and this year 2020 marks on 12-16 Feb. This balloon ride will take as long as half an hour (6,800 THB each) in the morning but kids below 120 cm.tall is not permitted anyway. In the meanwhile, Feb. is the perfect month for flower blossom 🌸appreciation so it can be a good idea to plan a visit here in the month of love.

Actually, they have Adventure Rope Course (adult 500 THB, child 350 THB) in this area at Singha Park too. Fun and challenging with 14 adventurous games throughout the course. However, kid must be 7-11 yrs old.

For more information about Singha Park, pls check or

If you're looking for an accommodation near Singha Park and Wat Rong Khun, I can recommend To the Moon Bed & Breakfast. Adjacent to the park, here is beyond my expectation with nice clean room, enough amenities (they even have a northern style pyjamas service) and a big proportion of breakfast including those tasteful Khao Tom Mat - Banana in Sticky Rice.


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