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Kindergarten Larb Pla Muek

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Two kindergarteners make #SpicySquidSalad milder without ground chili.

Spicy Salad is one of #Isan classic food with the very scented ground roasted rice and the four mellow tastes of salty fish sauce, sour lime, sweet sugar and spicy chili. Here I use squid as my kids' favourite instead of minced pork or chicken. And no ground chili powder mixed into it for the kindergarteners whose tongues are not used to the spicy taste yet. Sorry that there's no shallot left in my fridge and I forgot to buy some. If you intend to try more original taste of Larb, recommended to slice a shallot and put it in.

Children can help nip off mint leaves so they can notice the rough texture of them and also smell their unique scent. I let children blanche squid too to see how it turns done and ready for the mixing step.

This menu is as easy as general salad. Surely, without any cooking oil, it can be the perfect choice for mothers who are being on diet!

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