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Herbal Medicine for Kids

I have tried to treat my kids' small sicknesses like #cough and #runnynose which frequently happen in a more natural way than taking the conventional medicine. Finally, I found one!

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Asians are intelligent in using herbs as medicine. Thai people also know well how to mix herbs as ingredients in Thai food for good taste and holistic health such as lemongrass, galangal and bergamot leaves in world-famous Tom Yam (spicy soup) helping expel intestinal gas, aid digestion and enhance appetite. Chineses coming to live in Thailand since last century brought their herbal wisdom to integrate with Thais, encouraging the traditional medicine in Thailand more well established and become registered alternative medicine now.

My hubby and I also grow up in a Chinese-Thai family, believing in the herbal medicine as in the modern drug. When my little kids get coughs and runny noses which happen so often after starting school. If they don't have a fever, we don't take them to see a doctor, keeping them at home and let them have the old prescribed medicine or buy a new bottle from a drugstore ourselves. Absolutely, it's a conventional medicine which we're not sure about the side effects in a long term. Last time my girl had got cough for a month and the doctor prescribed the same medicine. She's been better for a week and then got cough again 😧😧😧.

That's why my hubby tried buying this orange box of liquid herbal medicine to relieve cough for his beloved daughter, intending to try a more natural treatment and alcohol free medicine. It WORKED!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

Mr.Herb from OuayUn Osot since 1947

Just a teaspoon of it with good taste she confirmed after meals and before bedtime, she could have a (no) sound sleep all night.👍👍👍 Yes, we're so impressed that we try another purple one for common cold symptoms like runny nose. This time my boy tried it and became addicted to its berry taste 😂😂😂. Incredibly, it could promptly decrease runny nose since the first day he took it. 😘

Now, they are our household remedy, already storing them in a fridge and a medicine cabinet.💊😘

I'm not sponsored for this review. I just love to share these items so next time, you can try treating your kids with a Thai herbal medicine which is natural, alcohol free and no side effects for frequent small sicknesses such as cough and runny nose. (PS. for children aged 2 years and up)

#OuayUn has been a well-known herbal medicine brand in Thailand. They have run their family business since 1947. Nowadays, their 3rd generation expands their products into every target group including children. The cough syrup (40 THB) has emblica as a main ingredient while the cold relieve syrup (70 THB) is extracted from chinese herbs. Sold in many drugstores and also online at

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