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Eat-Play-Love : More Than A Game Cafe🎲

With good food 🍳 and cafe drink ☕ , my daughter and son can spend their quality time while playing several board games 🎲🧩♟.

I'm interested in a board game for kids as it helps the thinking process and more importantly the whole family can enjoy it together. Therefore, our kids have been provided some classic board games for a while such as Ladder game, Ludo & Co., Uno, Spot & Snap cards and those jigsaw puzzles🧩. But they always want NEW game! and you know, some super fun ones are not that cheap. So finding a good matched board game cafe for kids where they can try various games, becomes wording in google searching engine.

However, most board game cafes are located near schools or colleges. They usually focus on intermediate level games. Some places offer games but there's not much food and drink for little kids. After keep searching for a #boardgame cafe in downtown Bangkok and near Thonburi rive, I've found here. More than a game cafe is in #Chulalongkorn University district or easily known as #Samyan. Although most clients are college students and some of them are foreign, they have many games for kids since 3 years old like my son too. A nerdy staff can help a lot to introduce and explain how to play each game and surely, there must be a game that my 6 year daughter and 3 year son can play together with parents' assistance. Another reason why kids love in board games is the game characters. They must play as a ghost 👻 or a unicorn in some games for example.

About kids food, we orders the same menus in three time visits; Rice with Roasted Chicken (125 THB), and Rice with Stir fried Thai basil with minced pork and a fried egg (95 THB). Well, pizzas 🍕, burgers🍔 ,or pastas can be ordered too. Desserts go to Jelly or Waffle with ice creams🍦, not to mention every kinds of cafe drinks; hot/cold coffee, chocolate, tea, juice and smoothies. All can be continuously served while you are enjoying the board games. Normally, they charge 50 THB for the first hour play, another 40 THB for the second hour and 30 THB for next hours but there're some package promotions with food on some days such as on Friday night during 6 - 11 pm. you can pay only 250 THB for one food and one drink with free play.

If you want to introduce your kids to a board game, why not take them to a board game cafe where you can play with them and have meals or snacks at the same time. Here we love for its kid-friendly games and good food. One thing I will make a notice if you have a toddler or a baby with, the gamers in a cafe are noisy as they are fighting for their victory!

📌 More Than a Game Cafe @ I'm Park Community Mall, 3rd Fl.

⌚ 11 am.- 9 pm.(Mon.-Thurs), 11 am. - 11 pm. (Fri), 10 am - 11 pm (Sat), 10 am - 9 pm (Sun) 📞 +66 2214 4385

🚇 MRT to Samyan (Exit to Samyan Mitr Town and take a taxi or took took to I'm Park costed around 40 - 50 bahts.)

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