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Easy Paper Bookmark 🐹

While waiting for our car fixed in a garage, I, then, ask my girl to spend little time together by making an origami corner bookmark in a rat face.

This paper craft is our answer as we need only

▶️ a piece of paper (square size) ▶️ Colored pencil or crayon ▶️ Scizzors ▶️ Glue

My 6 year old girl can do all by herself after I show how to fold paper. I notice she begins better folding paper when she turns six. If my boy doesn't run around to observe a technician, I'll ask him to help coloring paper. Or you don't need to paint the rat face if you use colored paper already.

Try this! An easy way to spend time with kids.

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Aug 12, 2021

That looks cute and it really looks easy to do! The color also looks nice. Using bookmark is indeed better than folding the pages of the book. Thank you for sharing this! Hope youll share more quick arts and craft activities. My daughter and i were also doing them in our free time and when i enrolled her in school, Georgia International Academy | International School Philippines

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