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Cafe☕ au Lait🍼 Scrub

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

The #aroma of #coffee with the milky touch can easily make you fall in love with your skin.

Robica coffee scrub mixed with my son's milk. Love it!

Life with little kids is too busy to pamper yourself even though in Bangkok or any tourist destination, there are many good spas on every corner. However, it isn't too hard for me to do it in my shower room at my own time👍. Especially the #bodyscrub which I can do it by myself with any superb traditional or conventional scrub products.

I used to try the natural ingredients like the tamarind paste from my kitchen which has AHA helping brightening the skin. It's ok but its seeds a bit scratch my body and make the shower room a mess. Turmeric powder is pleasurable enough too if you take a shower after to wash out yellow stain from the skin so the beauty aura ✨can really comes out. Or a counter brand product I ever invested like Clarins which is ,for me, as good as general shower scrubs and I must carefully squeeze it out not too much due to its price. 😂

Finally, last year at #KhaoYai trip, I found this coffee scrub product from a weekend farmer market at the Birder's Lodge. It's so good that I'm using it until it's almost gone now and will buy a new one soon and that I think to recommend this to you if you are the one who love the #aromatherapy of coffee scent☕ and body #scrub. Actually this scrub is made by a coffee factory in Wang Nam Khiao and they claim it can be used for both face & body.

Anyway, I scrub it on my body only and mix it with milk, expecting to soften the coffee powder. I know we can ask for the coffee grounds from a cafe and make a DIY coffee scrub at home but I'm not sure I could get the exfoliator with the same texture as this one. Incredibly, once I mix it with milk, they can be well blended and offer a very smooth paste and so scented aroma 😍. That must come from the coffee bean oil left in the grounds and also the added honey to moisture the skin. So I can scrub it on my body without feeling been scratched even at the soft skin, not to mention the rough spaces like knees or elbows that I enjoy rubbing them.

After scrubbing, I leave it as skin mask for about 10 minutes ⏳, then I easily rinse it off and WoW!! no need to apply shower gel to clean my body again because I don't feel any gooey at all. I'm not bragging, my skin really feels fresh, smooth and so softtttt❤️❤️❤️!!! Another advantage is I can only spray the water to chase the coffee powder down into the drain so there's no mess or burden left in my shower.

I've never used any scrub product out. This is the one and will surely repeat purchasing 😍. Anyway, asking the seller, they've already changed the packaging. Hoping the formula will be the same and as good as before, fingers crossed. If you like to try and ask for more info, just click here

Enjoy rubbing! And you'll feel better about yourself (as a MoM.)

new packaging, same formula, 200 g., 200 THB

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