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5 reasons why a mother with young kids in Thailand should have personal accident insurance.

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

After my first daughter was born 5 years ago, I've got to see the doctor totally 4 times because of the accidents. And that's almost every year, on average.

The latest accident has just happened at a newly opened indoor playground during last Songkran. Kids wanted to take a tall slide where parents must have them on laps due to their ages, said a staff. I assume that the slide might be too brand-new with wax and slippery that, even my bottom touching the ground, my body couldn't stop until my feet hit the bumper edge at front 💥. The impact hurt my right foot badly 😣 but even more that night. So next morning, I went to see the doctor and 'tendinitis' was his verdict from the X-ray film. Then, I must have a soft splint around my right foot up to an ankle for a week as you can see in the pic. Unbelievably, the medical expenses are quite a lot but with a relief, the personal accident insurance I have can cover them all.

Among the insurances I possess, the personal accident insurance with the premium cost around 2k THB/year (maybe less or more up to the coverage plan you choose) is the most worthy for me for these reasons;

☑️ I take care of my two young kids alone during the day. As you, a mother, can imagine how busy you are with their daily growing lives: meals, snacks, sleep, play, sightseeing, shower, toilet training etc., 😵also the housework that will be surely much more than only you at home, not including yet how whiny 😈 the children sometimes are, causing you need to manage all of these in time and always at the same time 😵. The faster you compete with time, the more pressured you can feel and the higher chance you can get the accident unexpectedly. Once, after a fast shower, my head bumped into the door handle while picking up a stuff from the floor. I couldn't stop bleeding so I took my younger son to the hospital with me and got 2 stitches myself 🤕. Surely, all medical expense was covered by the insurance provider 👍👍👍

My son fell asleep on the way to the hospital and he was asleep through the medical treatment. That's good, isn't it?

☑️ I don't need to pay in advance, just present the care card at the network hospitals. Life with little kids can't always stand by for the emergency. I will truly thank anything or anyone coming to relieve the situation 😇.

☑️. I can choose a private hospital 🏩, no need to get in longgggg line or spend a half day in a public hospital. Although the medical expense is much different, the insurance can cover most of it.

Receipt for my latest accident at my right foot. The insurance can cover all expenses including medicine (2,926 THB), the soft splint (2,016 THB), the x-ray (515 THB), out-patient treatment fee (800 THB), medical procedure fee (2,400 THB) and miscelleneous charges..

☑️ Without pleasure, I admit that accidents can happen all the time in Thailand 🚑 where no footpath is smooth, the motorcycle becomes the fastest vehicle in the city and the road traffic fatality rate ranks the second highest in the world, according to World Health Organization (WHO). However, some insurance providers are not afraid to offer the coverage extending to motorcycle related accidents 🛵

☑️ Our family's saving won't be at risk. What if there're unplanned medical expenses 💉💊🛏️♿ arising from an accident? That could be too much to afford and could cause a change in our kids' future.

About the insurances, luckily, my hubby is a broker for many insurance companies in Thailand. Therefore, he can design and choose what coverage plan suits my needs. If you read this post and are interested in a personal accident insurance for yourself or your loved ones during your stay in Thailand, let's chat in a blue box at the bottom right corner! 🙌

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